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metabora at Red Bull Music Festival Berlin

40 minsRecorded 6 Oct 2018 at Berlin in GermanyNext On the Floor Today at 2:45am EDT
Dan Wilton

The Estonian experimental composer and RBMA participant performs live at the Diggin In The Carts show.

When he was a child, Nathan Tulve was invited to the home of iconic Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, who was writing a piece of music for the choir conducted by Tulve’s father. Pärt played his composition on the piano for Tulve and his brother, whose young minds were blown by the stirring minimalism. Years later, Tulve had a similarly profound moment of sonic bliss when stumbling upon a track by Amnesia Scanner. This appreciation for disparate types of music and music-making has carried over to his own work, which Tulve produces as metabora. Incorporating elements of classical, metal, experimental electronic and more, he assembles spatial digital elements into soundscapes that breathe like organic matter. He’s also co-produced Tallinn’s Club Felicity party series, collaborated with vocal ensemble Vox Clamantis and recently wrote an eight-minute track to soundtrack a dance performance. Regardless of the format, Tulve’s goal of blowing minds with music remains the same.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Olivia Oyama

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