On the Floor

Muñeka and Rail Up crew at Rail Up: Mundial

69 minsFirst aired 21 Oct 2017
Carlo Cruz

The co-founders of the Afro-Caribbean party play fire diasporic beats, from dancehall to dembow, kuduro and more.

Rail Up began when Samantha Blake Goodman, AKA Muñeka, wanted to throw herself a birthday party. The LA-based choreographer, dancer and DJ craved the Afro-diasporic bass sounds that she became interested in after living in Puerto Rico and Brazil, so she featured selections that ranged from kuduro and Afro house to baile funk and soca. Her party – named after Jigsy King’s “Rail Up” – grew into a regular event in six months’ time, together with producer Kelman Duran and Foreigner. Today, Rail Up has cultivated a community of likeminded Los Angelenos seeking Afro-Caribbean musical strains.

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