On the Floor

Nguzunguzu at Rail Up: Mundial

66 minsRecorded 6 Oct 2017 at Open Beta in Los Angeles
Marv Watson

The Fade To Mind-affiliated duo explores their hyperreal club sound at Afro-Caribbean party Rail Up: Mundial, at RBMA Festival Los Angeles.

Asma Maroof and Daniel Piñeda have been making MCs and dancers run short of breath as Nguzunguzu since 2010. After studying improvised music at the Art Institute of Chicago, Maroof moved to Los Angeles where she re-linked with Piñeda and started to jam. Over the course of several EPs and singles on label such as Fade To Mind, Hippos In Tanks and Innovative Leisure, and their much-loved Perfect Lullaby mixes for DIS Magazine, the Nguzunguzu DJ and production sounds has evolved in tandem: a heady mix of crisp digital club beats, R&B and rap vocals, trippy atmospherics and rumbling low-end. In recent years, they’ve also been part of Warp’s diasporic club supergroup Future Brown, alongside Fatima Al Qadiri and J-Cush of Lit City Trax.

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