On the Floor

Nistra b2b Jacob Stoy at Red Bull Music Festival Zurich

180 minsRecorded 9 Nov 2018 at Zukunft in Zurich, Switzerland
Alan Sahin

RBMA alums reunite in Switzerland, journeying through synth pop, house, dub, and other eclectic club selections.

There is no rule against working in vastly different genres, but if there were, Madrid-based producer and instrumentalist Anxo Ferreira would gladly break it. His 2016 EP Mästra, produced as Nistra together with Adrián Canoura, is a brilliant work of ambient techno, finding the middle ground between open, thought-provoking soundscapes and dance-inducing beats. Over six tracks, he pulls sounds from virtually everywhere, tempering tropical rhythms with ominous synths and punishing percussion while maintaining an undeniable cohesiveness. Meanwhile, Berlin-based Jacob Story is a member of a number of promising projects that stand at the cross-section of dance music and the art world. He’s got a knack for pumping grooves full of odd, gritty textures and released a handful of 12”s on the labels Uncanny Valley, Abstract Animal and Eyes of My Eyes. This year Nistra and Jacob Stoy met at the 20th anniversary of the Red Bull Music Academy, where they were both participants. In this session, they reunite for an epic back to back session in Zurich.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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