On the Floor

OG Lullabies at Red Bull Music Festival Berlin

36 minsRecorded 1 Oct 2018 at Berlin in Germany
Fabian Brennecke

Washington D.C.’s astral sound explorer performs live at Spectral Science, the RBMA participant showcase.

An autodidact on violin, piano, guitar and more, Washington D.C. native Taylor Brooke makes her living as a children’s music instructor. When she isn’t teaching, Brooke performs at local D.C. venues and records her solo work, often releasing her music under the moniker, OG LULLABIES. A spiritually-inclined amalgam of alternative R&B, experimental electronica, jazz and classical, Brooke’s music might be most succinctly described as futuristic neo-soul. Her 2016 EP Intuitive Music showcases the range of her talents, featuring everything from brilliant violin solos to trance-inducing harmonizing. “Water on Mars,” the bright yet downtempo lead single on her 2018 EP cruescontrol, refines her cosmic aesthetic.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Luca Fuchs

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