On The Floor

Phil Mison

84 minsRecorded 1 Apr 2013 at MIS in São PauloNext On The Floor Tomorrow at 8:15am EDT

Join in the chant! London’s Balearic supremo with a mix of all things that make you wanna eat fruit on the dancefloor. Live in São Paulo.

A longstanding waver of the Balearic flag, London’s Phil Mison embodies that elusive genre like few of his peers. Thrilled by a broad-minded sound found on trips to Ibiza while listening to José Padilla or DJ Alfredo, Mison is one of its original purveyors, constant renovators and unstoppable advocates with an insatiable thirst for the yet unknown. His own productions as Cantoma or, together with Pete Herbert as Reverso 68 respectively Frontera, capture that special atmosphere that allows big pop platters to sit comfortably between small house records and obscure gems of all kinds. Check his breathtaking Originals compilation on Claremont 56 or the fruits of his long-lasting love story with Leng Records. Join in the chant!

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