On the Floor

Quicksails and HOGG at Red Bull Music Festival Chicago

56 minsRecorded 10 Nov 2018 in Chicago
Alison Green

Ben Billington’s jazz experimentalism meets the anarchic death dance of the Chicago duo HOGG.

Recorded at the industrial-style venue Saffron Rails, as part of the Drone Activity night at the Red Bull Music Festival in Chicago, this episode features individual performances by Quicksails and HOGG. Under the alias Quicksails, Ben Billington has participated in the lively experimental scene in Chicago since 2011. A drummer at heart, his music sounds like a jazzy reinterpretation of Oneohtrix Point Never. Born out of the same flourishing experimental scene in the Windy City, HOGG is a duo whose most recent release SELF​-​EXTINGUISHING EMISSION is a raw and punishing noise excursion, taking the listener on a journey of new industrial frontiers.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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