On the Floor

Sarah Farina at Karak Beats

106 minsRecorded 1 Jan 2016 at Karak Beats in DubaiNext On the Floor Today at 7:00pm EDT

Through My Speakers founder Sarah Farina threads her own path through footwork, bass styles, and weighty steppers. Recorded live in Dubai.

When it comes to electronic music, Berlin is usually associated with techno, but Sarah Farina has struck out on a different path, one that takes greater inspiration from the UK and its ever-expanding bass continuum. In 2010, she founded Through My Speakers, a collective and record label dedicated to low-end heavy sounds. Footwork, UK funky, R&B, grime and more are all represented by Farina’s genre-hopping DJ sessions, but despite her love for the darkest of sounds, she prefers to playfully describe her style as rainbowbass. At home in Berlin, she’s a regular in the club circuit and also heads up the Rec Room party at Ohm alongside like-minded selectors Kepler and Uta. At the same time, she has no qualms about taking her selections further afield, and regularly brings her distinct take on bass music to clubs around Europe and beyond.

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