On the Floor

Selvagem at Red Bull Station

265 minsRecorded 29 Nov 2018 at Sao Paolo in Brazil
Felipe Gabriel

Brazil’s anarchist DJ duo roll out their blend of tropical funk and sunset sambas in this extended set.

Selvagem (“wild” in Portuguese) is the name of the Brazilian duo formed by DJs Millos Kaiser and Trepanado, as well as the name of the parties they throw in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In São Paulo they host a monthly sunset party on Sundays, which transforms the most beautiful downtown square into one of the city’s best-loved events. They also maintain a biweekly residence in a secret tiny club, and regularly invite guests such as Optimo, Eric Duncan, Justin Strauss, Andy Blake, Hugo Capablanca and Horse Meat Disco’s Severino, to name a few. But more often than not, they like to take care of the music themselves, specializing in sets that last ten hours or more. In this session, recorded at the Red Bull Station in São Paulo, Selvagem blend their signature styles of disco, house, rock, techno, funk and soul of all eras and places.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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