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Soft War at Une Nuit à Montreuil

90 minsRecorded 30 Sep 2017 at Marbrerie in Paris, FranceNext On the Floor Today at 2:00pm EDT
Philippe Levy

Parisian DJ AZF and techno producer December team up as Soft War for a shadowy b2b session during RBMA Festival Paris.

In recent years, the Parisian techno scene has blossomed — and it’s thanks to a fresh crop of DJs and producers who refuse to be outdone by their contemporaries in Berlin and London. Hailing from the queer scene, AZF is one of the city’s brightest new talents, and together with Parfait she ran the now-defunct Stereotype party. AZF has moved on to curating her Jeudi Minuit nights, and also heads up a regular show on Rinse France. Her passion for dark, driving rhythms continues as a regular on the local techno circuit. Another of Paris’s young techno mavericks is December, AKA Tomas More, who has been moving toward a more experimental techno sound, with releases on Jealous God and Mannequin.

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