On the Floor

Stud1nt at Bed-Stuy Function

43 minsRecorded 7 May 2017 at Sugar Hill in Brooklyn, NY
Stacy Kranitz

Queens-based producer, DJ and queer crew KUNQ affiliate Stud1nt whips up the crowd into a heady frenzy during RBMA Festival NY 2017.

Stud1nt is a Queens-born and bred producer and DJ who is part of KUNQ, a queer dance crew born in Massachusetts and based in New York City. As a word that signifies the irreverent musical and cultural ideas that they share – queer, punk, cunt, crunk – KUNQ is a banner under which Stud1nt and friends Micah Domingo, Rizzla, Battyjack, False Witness, SHYBOI, Kilbourne and FXWRK operate, as DJs, producers, video artists and vocalists. Now based in New York City and inspired by parties such as Venus X’s GHE20GOTH1K, the KUNQ sound is an intensely hybrid one. Drawing on R&B, pop and rap vocals, black and Latin diasporic genres such as dancehall and dembow, and forward-thinking electronic club sounds, it’s all brought together with intense mesh of samples, rapid-fire mixing styles and a playfully antagonistic attitude to DJ and production conventions.

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