On the Floor

Thomas Fehlmann at Red Bull Music Festival Berlin

59 minsRecorded 14 Sep 2018 at Berlin in Germany
Fabian Brennecke

The Berlin techno legend and author performs at the rave celebrating 30 years of techno in the city.

Berlin hero Thomas Fehlmann has been pushing the limits of electronic music composition since the early ’80s, both solo and in groups like Palais Schaumberg and the Orb. He was instrumental as a (sub)cultural ambassador in 1988 through his involvement in Kunstdisco 1988 (a three-week “art disco” rave installation the German Goethe Institut that was brought to Korea for the ‘88 Olympics in Seoul). Additionally, he founded and ran the Teutonic Beats label. Having experienced 30 years of techno, he fittingly performs alongside a stellar lineup of club veterans at Funkhaus, as part of the Red Bull Music Festival in Berlin.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Constantijn Lange

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