On the Floor

Thoom and ONO at Red Bull Music Festival Chicago

51 minsRecorded 9 Nov 2018 in Chicago
Alison Green

Industrial’s past and present, represented by the Club Chai affiliate and the veteran industrial group, performing experimental noise.

Recorded at the industrial-style venue Saffron Rails, as part of the Drone Activity night at the Red Bull Music Festival in Chicago, this episode features individual performances by Thoom and ONO. First we hear Thoom, a Chicago-based producer and DJ with origins in Beirut, whose EP Blood and Sand interprets the disruptive sounds of construction noise and echoes of political conflict into a strikingly poignant debut release. Up next is ONO, a pioneering industrial band formed in 1980. Blending influences of Chicago’s jazz scene with punk and noise elements, the band went on a three-decades-long hiatus in the mid ’80s until returning with three LPs on Moniker Records; their most recent album is titled Your Future Is Metal.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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