On the Floor

Tygapaw at RBMA Weekender Montréal

69 minsRecorded in Montreal
Maria Jose Govea

The Fake Accent founder lines up a blistering collection of tomorrow’s dancehall and Caribbean club sounds. Recorded live in Montréal.

After moving to New York City from Mandeville, Jamaica, in 2002, TYGAPAW taught herself Ableton and started creating the kind of club tracks she longed to hear. Whether she’s reworking pop ballads or dancehall classics, TYGAPAW pulls from a grab bag of styles, from soca-fied R&B to decompressed dancehall and accelerated rap. She runs two regular parties that blend Caribbean sounds with US club styles – Fake Accent, a monthly that highlights queer and trans artists of color; and Shottas, where she and friend Chris Udemezue host artists from New York’s queer Caribbean community.

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