On the Floor

Volvox at RBMA Weekender Montréal

105 minsRecorded 23 Sep 2017 at RBMA Weekender in Montreal
Karel Chladek

The Discwoman cofounder and stomping techno DJ tears up the dance floor during Montréal’s RBMA Weekender festivities.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, but raised in Buffalo, New York, Ariana Paoletti grew up with a love for deep rhythms from her Brazilian heritage — but she became a teenage goth who stomped into the small hours in industrial and EBM clubs of the day like Manray and the Continental. After falling in love with harder techno, she drew parallels between industrial electronics and techno and threw herself into the darkness head-first. After years of DJing in different styles and moving across the US, Paoletti settled on the identity of Volvox and into New York City, playing and hosting at Bossa Nova Civic Club and becoming part of Discwoman. Discwoman’s modus operandi – of uniting female-identifying DJs and producers in a forward-thinking and positive community, and throwing parties that encourage and celebrate female-identifying talent in an often male-dominated scene – is a valuable and inspiring one. Volvox’s exuberant style of hard techno has found a loving home as part of Discwoman and, as part of the Technopolis party at 2016 edition of the RBMA New York Festival, a loving crowd.

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