Open End with Frosty

Gaye Su Akyol’s Outer Anatolia

120 minsFirst aired 5 Jun 2019
Artwork by Jesse Moretti

A two-decade expanse of Turkish psychedelia presented by a musician propelling the tradition into the next frontier.

Turkish music has long been loved by adventurous heads seeking thunderclap rhythms, searing melodies and epic voices. Gaye Su Akyol is keeping the flame burning brightly with her music that’s rooted in the foundations of the Anatolian underground while soaring into imaginative new worlds. The title of her latest album, out now on Glitterbeat, translates to “Consistent Fantasy Is Reality.” Gaye Su Akyol joins Frosty on this final episode of Open End to present her favorite Turkish psych sounds, and share the secret of how positive thinking and creative action can manifest dreams into rock-solid reality. The show opens with a world premiere from Istanbul’s Grup Ses, alongside electric saz player Elektro Hafiz, and Frosty spices up the episode with music selections from Mali, Japan, Ghana, Cape Verde, Luxembourg, Brazil, Colombia and beyond.

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