Planktópolis Fosforescente

Global SoundsRock
60 minsRecorded in Mexico City
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RBMA’s window to Latin America’s vital music scene and its protagonists. This week: submerge into a magical realm of undiscovered music!

Welcome to this brilliant and lucid night… [we’re not talking about Las Vegas, baby, although this is the first ever Panamérikan show to be broadcasted on the US FM airwaves!]… but let’s go back to talking about plankton and phosphorescence. The bands portrayed in this show may not be major ones, but microscopic, undiscovered and exciting organisms that definitely are not in the spotlight, but oh yes… how wonderful and original their glow is! Although they don’t figure prominently on their respective scenes, there is a place for acts like these on the [musical] food chain. So, delight your ears and your mind’s eyes with this one-hour dive into a phosphorescent planktopolis. Be ready to be amazed by the Chilean collaboration that surged between Alex Anwandter and Gepe. Then, it’s time to pay tribute to a previously unknown Latino hero – Rodriguez – who indirectly gave us an Oscar for ‘Best Documentary’ with Searching For Sugarman. After that, let’s explore tiny female groupings from Spain like Les Sueques, and the even tinier music makers Los Bonsáis, who can condense a punk pop masterpiece into 1:40. Stirring into post-punk, let’s watch how Uvi.Lov risk their integrity by covering Joy Division; and talking about tributes and bastardizations, chilango duo Mi Reyna mashes up Mexican crooner Juan Gabriel along with Kim Carnes (you gotta hear it to believe it!). Towards the end of this subaquatic, surreal stroll… how about a little bit of Mexican shoegaze? We’ve photographed three wee bands: Black Pony, SLZR, Yeshua Elastik; also, the dubstep wonders of Spain’s beGun. And to end this trip into weensy-ness, let’s spin out with the wonderful Chilean prog-rock by The Holy Drug Couple. So turn those lights off, press play, and let Panamérika glow in the dark.

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