Peak Time


120 minsFirst aired 16 Apr 2019
Thuka Thukia

The Enchufada associate and Afrobass selector drops in the studio to chat about her debut album and recently launched label.

London-based Afrobeat-enthusiast Mina produces exuberantly off-kilter collisions of dancehall, kuduro, and kwaito. With two acclaimed EPs for Enchufada and remixes for Mixpak, NLV Records & Mad Decent, she has steadily gained acclaim for vibrant and melodic dance tracks. This May she releases her debut full-length album Flight Paths on her new label, Earth Kicks. Written over an 18 month period of travel and collaboration with artists from Ghana, Jamaica, Brazil, Spain, Peru, America and the UK, Mina connects the dots between diverse styles in her own distinctive way, fusing together sounds from her London hometown, with vibrant melodies and infectious rhythms from around the world. Mina joins Vivian in the studio today to discuss her global travels and this culmination of the connections she’s made and inspirations she’s found along the way.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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