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Jon Savage on Joy Division

120 minsFirst aired 23 Apr 2019
Courtesy of Jon Savage

The author discusses his definitive oral history of post-punk icons Joy Division.

English writer Jon Savage launched his career as a music critic and journalist just as the British punk movement was taking off. Fully immersing himself in the scene, he interviewed and covered many of the day’s popular new wave and punk acts for Sounds, New Musical Express and Melody Maker, and he founded his own fanzine, London’s Outrage. It was only natural that Savage would move to longer-form historical accounts, releasing England’s Dreaming, a history of the rise of punk in the UK and US in the late ’70s; Teenage: The Creation of Youth 1875-1945; and _1966. Today, he returns with his latest effort, an oral history of one of the most iconic British acts: Joy Division. This Searing Light, the Sun and Everything Else weaves together Savage’s interviews with the band members, their peers, collaborators and contemporaries to illustrate the turmoil that bred their creative force. Savage calls Vivian today to share some highlights from the pages of the book and tells tales from his early days covering music.


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