Peak Time

Deli Girls

120 minsFirst aired 26 Apr 2019
Courtesy of Deli Girls

New York’s wildest duo on their latest album and dizzying brand of techno-meets-punk, plus a tribute to the late DJ Rashad.

Deli Girls — the duo of Danny Orlowski and Tommi Kelly — blend no wave, techno, punk and noise in a cacophonous swarm of raw energy. Razor-sharp synth lines and Orlowski’s wails cut through chopped samples, blown-out drums and hardcore breaks at a blistering pace. It’s a sonic attack that both unsettles and allures — no wonder they’ve become one of New York’s most hypnotizing acts. Earlier this year they released I Don’t Know How To Be Happy, their second album and follow up to 2017’s Evidence. Today the duo speaks with Vivian about their newfound love of studio processing and how they transfer live energy into recordings.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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