Peak Time

Damon Krukowski

120 minsFirst aired 30 Apr 2019
Courtesy of Damon Kurkowski

The writer/musician on his examination of the effects of our switch from analog to digital audio in his new book Ways of Hearing.

Creating dream pop as a part of Galaxie 500 and later as Damon & Naomi - his project with Galaxie bandmate Naomi Young - Damon Krukowski has always had an interest in the spaciousness of sound. He’s since spent the majority of his time exploring surrealist sound structures and hidden audio perceptions in our increasingly digitized world. With Young, he founded Exact Change, a publishing house dedicated to avant-garde literature, penned articles about art and sound for the likes of ArtForum, The Wire, and Pitchfork, and explored the nature of listening as host of Radiotopia’s podcast Ways of Hearing. This April MIT Press released his book of the same name, loosely modeled after John Berger’s famous book on visual culture, Ways of Seeing. Over the course of five chapters - time, space, love, money, and power - Krukowski analyzes the effects the digital age has had on our processes of listening. Today Krukowski joins Vivian in the studio to discuss the ways music and sound have been contextually altered in various operations of our modern lives and how we’ve adapted in response.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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