Peak Time

Turning Jewels Into Water

120 minsFirst aired 4 Apr 2019
Ed Marshall

Fusing rhythm and ritual with electronics: Indian drummer Ravish Momi and Haitian percussionist Val Jeanty on their new project.

Following a jam session at Brooklyn’s Pioneer Works, Indian-born drummer/producer Ravish Momin and Haitian electronic percussionist Val Jeanty joined to form Turning Jewels in Water. Exemplifying the improvisational nature from whence they came, the duo merge the ritual rhythms and ancient melodies of their respective cultures in a swirl of live loops and synths, creating a multi-national dance music of the future. Last year they released their debut EP Way is Home, which featured remixes from Nyege Nyege Tapes rising-stars Slikback and Zilla, and this March, they returned with their debut album Map of Absences. “A reflection on the regressive state of human rights, deepening refugee crises and the worsening impacts of climate change worldwide,” the album responded to a world in crisis through an embrace of its global sounds. The duo joins Vivian in the studio today to speak more on this theme and how their unique sounds coalesce so seamlessly.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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