Peak Time

Lydia Lunch and Sylvia Black

120 minsFirst aired 9 Apr 2019
Courtesy of Sylvia Black

Starting a riot with punk poet and No Wave scene queen Lydia Lunch and her collaborator, noir chanteuse and bad-ass bassist Sylvia Black.

Hold on to your seats – halfway through today’s Peak Time, we’re joined by No Wave scream queen, punk poet and NYC icon Lydia Lunch and her musical collaborator Sylvia Black, who has lent her noir torch songs and deft bass playing to bands like Kudu, Kristeen Young and her own projects such as Betty Black and Black & Cullers. These two tireless warriors play us some of their new project (which may or may not be called Black Lunch) and talk to us about their musical motivations, their friendship, sex and why the war is never over.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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