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Ash Koosha, Nozomu Matsumato and Uppy on AI in Music

120 minsFirst aired 30 Aug 2018Next Peak Time Today at 12:00pm EST
Masoud Sharifian / Nile Koetting / Courtesy of artist

Three sonic experimenters from different parts of the globe on embracing machines and incorporating AI into their creations.

The line between physical reality and disembodied imagination has blurred — we’ve begun to witness a coalescence of man and machine, manifested in the shape of artificial intelligence, and it’s a natural progression to see musicians incorporate the technology into their sonic productions. Today’s guest host Harley Brown speaks with some of the artists at the forefront of this fruitful yet unchartered territory. Up first is British-Iranian multi-instrumentalist and composer Ash Koosha, who released the first fully immersive VR music album in 2016. His approach to the man vs. machine relationship is one of mutual collaboration and seamless continuity, and he stresses that AI is to be seen as an extension of our own cognition. Next month he will release his Return 0 album, a 13-track collection 15 years in the making. We’ll then hear, via text-to-speech technology, some brief words from Tokyo’s Nozomu Matsumoto — his Climatotherapy is one 16-minute long track that was composed out of hyperreal orchestral arrangements and an HD rendering of R&B and folk vocals, with non-linear text-to-speech provided by Amazon’s Polly interface. Finally, “experimental sonic healer” Uppy calls in from LA to discuss her adoration for her computer and how she intends to bring the internet, artificial intelligence and music technology back to a place of love.


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