Peak Time

Best of 2018: Pitchfork

120 minsFirst aired 12 Dec 2018
Courtesy of Jillian Mapes

Senior Editor Jill Mapes and staff writer Noah Yoo of critical powerhouse Pitchfork decode the year’s best in pop, indie rock and more.

If you don’t know any bands that live and die and by the “Pitchfork New Music” rating then you don’t know any bands. Launched in Chicago in 1995 by Ryan Schreiber, Pitchfork has made clean work of digesting the best and worst in independent music. Always checked, sometimes parodied, Pitchfork now comprises a yearly festival, a radio station, a robust series of entertaining artist videos and of course, their comprehensive reviews from some of the best writers in the game. For this Peak Time edition, Senior Editor Jill Mapes and staff writer Noah Yoo join Vivian to navigate a path through all the year’s most fascinating releases and game-changing artists.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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