Peak Time

Best of 2018: NPR

120 minsFirst aired 6 Dec 2018
Courtesy of Andrew Flanagan

NPR Music’s news editor Andrew Flanagan on the pop auteurs, soulful songbirds and heavy-hitting producers that defined his 2018.

From the biggest pop hits to global sounds to the underground, NPR Music covers a vast array of artists and musicians. Through its original editorial content, current and archival podcasts, live concert broadcasts, reviews, music lists, news, studio sessions and interviews, it’s the go-to music discovery for all types of fans. For today’s Best of 2018 episode, Vivian is joined by news editor Andrew Flanagan, whose eclectic interests include throbbing techno, drifting ambient and moody pop. He’ll come outfitted with a selection reflecting his own varied taste (and that of the whole NPR Music team) and his takes on the state of music in 2018. Expect nothing, this one is full of surprises.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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