Peak Time

Designer Sounds

180 minsFirst aired 13 Feb 2019
Michaela McLucas

A selection of tracks about fashion, talking fashion show soundtracks with Parisian Michel Gaubert and Becca McCharen-Tran of CHROMAT.

Peak Time‘s Fashion Week rolls on with another show devoted entirely to the intersection of sound and style. Vivian revisits her conversation with Parisian “sound illustrator” Michel Gaubert – since the late ’90s, Michel has put together custom soundtracks for fashion shows for Gucci, Dior, Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent and too many more to name; he walks us through some of the thinking behind the music he’s used for various collections. We’ll also hear part of a conversation between Harley Brown and Becca McCharen-Tran, the creative mind behind the inclusive and environmentally conscious swimwear and athleisure label Chromat. Additionally, we’ll be playing you a bunch of songs all about fashion, everything from David Bowie to Rae Sremmurd.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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