Peak Time


180 minsFirst aired 25 Feb 2019
Matthew Williams

The Glaswegian party promoter, producer and DJ discusses her thunderous debut for the DEXT LTD series and finding mental balance.

Glasgow’s Nightwave is a woman of many talents. She’s a DJ, producer, vocalist, club promoter (Nightrave), label head (Heka Trax), professor of music production, practitioner of alternative medicine and is currently working toward becoming a qualified therapist. As a producer and DJ, her infectious blend of Chicago juke, UK bass, grime, and ’80s funk has lit up dancefloors around the world, while her mindfulness of the spiritual sanctity of dancing intoxicates fans and fellow musicians alike. She recently released Psychic Tonic, part of DEXT’s limited 10” series. For its A-side, Nightwave delivered an acid-heavy, ready for the rave cut, while Jerome Hill (Super Rhythm Trax) kicks things up a couple notches with his remix on the B-side. On today’s show, Vivian will call up Nightwave to discuss linking up with DEXT and her next musical endeavour, as well as how she cares for her own mental health and helps her fellow artists find a similar balance. Plus, we have a surprise appearance John Twells, editor of FACT Magazine, drops in to play is some of his favorite tracks of the moment and weigh in on the state of dance music today.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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