Peak Time

Miya Folick

180 minsFirst aired 28 Feb 2019
Maxime Imbert

The LA-based singer/songwriter discusses her debut album, Premonitions, and finding empowerment in vulnerability.

“I wanted this album to be the vehicle for a hopeful, truthful, generous and loving world,” states singer and songwriter Miya Folick. Such tranquility of mind is innate in the LA-based artist, who was raised in the way of Jōdo Shinshū Buddhism, a sect of the religion often deemed the “practiceless practice” for its ethos that one must live with grat­i­tude with­out depend­ing on peti­tionary prayer and superstition. Whether she was successful in her mission is open for interpretation, but over the course of the album’s 10 tracks — an empowering collection of uplifting pop songs and downtempo ruminations — Folick is tireless in her effort. On today’s show, listen back to a conversation between Folick and Peak Time correspondent Harley Brown; they discuss the lessons learned in writing Premonitions, what a “thingamajig” might be and finding out that strength comes in many forms.


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