Peak Time


180 minsFirst aired 14 Jan 2019

The Brisbane-based pop singer on finding her voice, the power of a cover and her expressive new EP.

On today’s show, Peak Time correspondent Paula Mejia talks to Wafia, an artist born in the Netherlands to Iraqi-Syrian parents and currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Wafia, a singer and producer, makes dazzling pop tracks that peel back to reveal raw, vulnerable lyrics that tackle her identity as a queer Muslim woman, isolation and rebirth. Wafia and Paula discuss the 2014 cover of Mario’s “Let Me Love You” that landed her on the Future Classic label, her 2018 EP VIII, working with Ta-Ku and songs about archeology. Vivian also pays tribute to DJ Speakerfoxxx, a beloved Atlanta ambassador and club queen who passed away suddenly in the end of December; we’ll hear clips from the Cruisin in the ATL show she hosted on Red Bull Radio (including interviews with Migos and Father) and some of her music and popular mixtapes, like her breakout Dopeboy Anthems.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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