Peak Time

Celebrating Sade and Aaliyah

180 minsFirst aired 16 Jan 2019
Art by Teddy Guerrero

Stuart Matthewman, Qween Beat’s MikeQ, Reva Devito and Sade Night’s John McSwain toast the birthdays of two R&B queens.

Peak Time celebrates the birth of two R&B greats today: Sade and Aaliyah. We toast the 60th birthday of the British-Nigerian singer who gave us such classy, sensual ’80s hits as “Smooth Operator” and “Sweetest Taboo” by talking to Stuart Matthewman, Sade’s longtime songwriting partner and a member of her band since the Diamond Life days of the mid-’80s. Also joining us to talk about Ms. Adu’s inimitable style is John McSwain, one of the DJs behind Sade Night, a party that happens in New York and Los Angeles. At the 2PM hour, we pay tribute to Aaliyah, the “Queen of Urban Pop,” whose silky, airy soprano defined the street-but-sweet flavor of ’90s R&B. It would have been Aaliyah’s 40th birthday today (she died in a plane crash in 2001) and her sound is as wildly influential as ever – artists such as Qween Beat’s leading light MikeQ and Portland R&B vocalist Reva Devito join us to discuss Aaliyah’s legacy.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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