Peak Time


180 minsFirst aired 18 Jan 2019
Christal Angelique

Kranky’s new signee on her playfully melodic debut The Deep End, plus Hattie Collins on grime pioneer Wiley.

Portland, Oregon pianist Mary Sutton had a clear directive going into her latest album: “make something people sitting motionless and naked in hot bubbly water would want to hear.” Whether or not you have access to a spa or hot tub, you will likely find the dulcet, dappled tones of The Deep End (released on October 26 via Kranky) transportive; on today’s show, Sutton talks to Miles Bowe about her artistic process, Erik Satie and naked audiences. Plus, journalist Hattie Collins calls in from London on the 40th birthday of Wiley to talk about the influence of the grime pioneer, the many shifts in his MC and production career and we listen to some less obvious cuts from the Eski king.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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