Peak Time

San Cha

180 minsFirst aired 28 Jan 2019
Gizelle Hernandez

The LA-based singer, known for flipping the script on the music of her Mexican roots, calls in to chat about her upcoming RBMF LA event.

The LA-based singer and songwriter San Cha — a cheeky derivation of the Spanish words for mistress (sancha) and saint (San) — is known for her unapologetically raw performances and fierce embrace of her Latinx background. A deep connection to the traditional music of Mexico is essential to who she is as an artist, but instead of regurgitating familiar rhythms, San Cha finds strength in re-envisioning that music through a gothic lens. After a traumatic experience brought her to LA, she found a likeminded community in the City of Angels — this February, as part of Red Bull Music Festival Los Angeles, she’ll showcase some of Los Angeles’s most talented musicians. On today’s show Vivian calls up San Cha to discuss the opening night event, its unique venue and what surprises might be in store.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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