Peak Time

Steven Price

180 minsFirst aired 1 Mar 2019
Benjamin Ealovega

The Oscar-winning composer on his work for films like Gravity, Baby Driver, Suicide Squad and many more.

British film composer Steven Price got his start in the movie business like most do, in TV. For years he worked behind the scenes sound mixing and engineering for various TV programs and was a relative unknown until he was offered a gig as music editor for one of the biggest movie franchise of the early aughts: Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. Since, Price has soundtracked worlds real and imagined, sprawling and finite. His scores evoke emotion and drama in their stillness as much as they do in their bolder moments, meriting his a reputation as a composer who can handle the magnitude of space masterfully. In fact, it was his work for 2013’s Gravity that earned him an Academy Award. Today, Vivian calls up Price to discuss his Oscar-winning score, his work on other films like Fury, Baby Driver and Suicicde Squad, plus upcoming projects for Netflix’s documentary series and Paramount Pictures.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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