Peak Time

Seth Cluett

120 minsFirst aired 15 Mar 2019
Yuko Zama

The composer and artist-in-residence at Nokia Bell Labs speaks about his NY Public Library exhibit examining the birth of electronic music.

Archivist, composer and avant-garde music expert Seth Cluett is the current artist-in-residence at Nokia Bell Labs and acting director of the Computer Music Center at Columbia University, one of North America’s oldest and most distinguished music research centers. Recently he helped curate Sounding Circuits: Audible Histories, a new exhibit at the New York Public Library about the birth and evolution of electronics. Showcasing personal correspondence, historical recordings, technical documentations and musical sketches, the exhibit explores the contributions of computer music pioneers such as Charles Dodge, Otto Luening, Pauline Oliveros (Cluett’s mentor and collaborator) and many others. The room also hosts the debut of an immersive 360-degree soundwork composted by Cluett to explore the relatively new technology of ambisonic speakers. He joins Vivian in the studio today to speak on the history of electronic and avant-garde music, and his own work as an artist.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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