Peak Time

Where Were You In ’99?

120 minsFirst aired 19 Mar 2019
Teddy Guerreo

We’re turning back the clock 20 years to listen to the key tracks that defined the year and continue to reverberate today.

The year was 1999 — the internet had fully infiltrated homes around the globe and the world was poised for collapse at the hands of the Y2K bug. The medium of music was fervently galvanized, and releases that year included Mr. Oizo’s electro banger “Flat Beat,” Aphex Twin’s warped, breakbeat tune “Windowlicker,” Dr. Dre’s comeback single “Still D.R.E.,” Ed Rush & Optical’s D&B belter “Gas Mask,” Juvenile’s dirty-south anthem “Back Dat Azz Up” and so many more. The year’s sounds were bold, body-shaking and hypnotic, shocks so potent we still feel their reverberations 20 years later. Today on Peak Time, Vivian explores the key tracks and essential artists that defined the year, examining their impact then and now. Buckle up.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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