Peak Time

Black Milk and Pantha Du Prince

120 minsFirst aired 9 Mar 2018Next Peak Time Today at 12:00pm EDT
Jabari Jacobs

Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk compresses four years of turmoil onto Fever and Pantha Du Prince on splendour, shimmer and sound.

Detroit-raised, L.A.-based rapper and producer Curtis “Black Milk” Cross has spent over 15 years years honing his craft, coming of age as an artist just behind the likes of friends like Slum Village and J Dilla. Cross has always swam in the most soulful ends of the pond, weaving sumptuous jazz notes and psychedelic funk into his beats and deep meditations about life into his rhymes. Last week he added Fever, his first rap record in four years, to his repertoire; an unflinching look at our turbulent political and social climate, it addresses topics such as police brutality, climate change and the impact social media has had on our mental stability. Vivian talks to Black Milk about the new record, his fire collaborations and sculpting vibrations. Later in the show, we’re listening to records with German producer, composer and conceptual artist Pantha du Prince, whose gauzy electronics refract shoegazer themes through a prism of morning-after comedown, neighbor’s windchime and winter light.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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