Peak Time

How Things Work

120 minsFirst aired 2 May 2019
Teddy Guerrero

Product specialists from Native Instruments and Endel explain how they use algorithms and data processing to engineer music and feelings.

Today’s show investigates how various technologies – algorithms, artificial intelligence, oscilllators and wavetables – operate. Ahead of the June release of the long-awaited new version of Massive – Native Instruments’ bass-generating software synthesizer that has defined the sound of dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, electrohouse and trap in the last 10 years – we talk to lead product specialist Nadine Raihani about the sonic trickery of Massive X and how it creates all those big drops, deep subs and killer wahs. On a more relaxing note, we’re also joined by Oleg Stavitsky, the co-founder of an audio app called Endel, which analyzes data like location, time, weather and heart rate to generate personalized sonic environments for its users. Oleg explains the fusion of machine learning and human ingenuity that comes together to create Endel’s focused and relaxing Brian Eno-inspired soundscapes. We’ll also hear some computer-generated music from Holly Herndon, Dadabots’ AI-generated death metal and more.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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