Peak Time

Kash Doll

120 minsFirst aired 31 May 2019
Courtesy of Republic Records

The Detroit-born, Atlanta-based rapper on her arduous rise to fame, staying true to herself and what to expect from her debut.

For years, thanks to an oppressive deal with her label, Kash Doll struggled to get her music heard anywhere. Persevering through takedown after takedown, she eventually earned the attention of the likes of Big Sean and Drake with her raw and honest verses about a life of struggle. Now free from the shackles of her previous label and with a deal with Republic, Kash Doll is ready to fulfill her lifelong destiny to be a star. This year she’ll release her debut album, a collection of tracks drawn from her “experiences in the streets” that focus on “becoming a boss despite the crazy real-life situations” she says. Vivian had the chance to sit down with the now-Atlanta-based vivacious rapper while she made a brief stop in her hometown of Detroit. The two discuss staying positive in the face of adversity, working with some of the biggest rap stars of our time, her advice to fellow aspiring female rappers and so much more.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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