Peak Time

Hot Mix 5 Special

120 minsFirst aired 20 Nov 2018
Courtesy of Hot Mix 5

Talking to Farley Jackmaster Funk, Mickey Oliver, Ed Crosby and Jerome Derradji on building the foundations of Chicago house.

Today’s Peak Time is a special episode dedicated to the Hot Mix 5, the legendary American DJ team of Farley “Funkin” Keith (later known as Farley “Jackmaster” Funk), Mickey “Mixin” Oliver, Ralphi Rosario, Kenny “Jammin” Jason, and Scott “Smokin” Silz (later replaced by Julian “Jumpin” Perez). Established as WBMX’s resident DJs in 1981, the five quickly rose to fame with their unique and exciting turntable styles. Early adopters of the Chicago house sound, they rapidly established themselves as tastemakers in the new genre, breaking nearly every record released and exposing millions of the city’s listeners to them. Recently, Vivian had the chance to spend time with Farley, Mickey, as well as Jerome Derradji of Still Music, a Chicago House reissue label, and Ed “Get Down” Crosby, who’d been a member of house group Master C&J and released his own music via Get Down Records to discuss the history and legacy of the Hot Mix 5 and Chicago house music. Today, we get to listen back.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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