Peak Time

Best Of: Skream, Mykki Blanco, Groundislava, DJ Taye and Bergsonist

120 minsFirst aired 22 Nov 2018Next Peak Time Tomorrow at 12:00am EST
Courtesy of Artists

A best of episode featuring interviews with noisemakers, genre-benders, and party starters.

For this Thanksgiving holiday, we bring you a roundup of interviews with a selection of producers shaking up the dancefloor norms and sure to help you snap out of your turkey (or tofurkey) coma. We’ll hear conversations with one of London’s favorite House and techno DJs Skream, New York’s taboo-smashing rapper Mykki Blanco, Chicago’s footwork prince DJ Taye, LA’s sci-fi leaning techno producer Groundislava and Broolyn’s industrial-meets-house philosophizing producer Bergsonist.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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