Peak Time

Hausu Mountain

120 minsFirst aired 28 Nov 2018
Courtesy of Hausu Mountain

A spotlight on Chicago’s boundary-pushing label and its explorations into the freakiest sides of IDM, noise, folk and beyond.

Chicago’s Hausu Mountain is one of America’s trippiest labels, and today Peak Time correspondent (and former FACT Mag staffer) Miles Bowe – known for scouring the weirdest corners of the music-related internet – talks to label founders Doug Kaplan and Max Allison about cassettes, psychedelic journeys and arssembling the label’s eclectic roster, which ranges from otherworldly synthesizer composition to IDM to free jazz to avant-noise and everywhere in between. Vivian also does a little survey of Chicago label Trouble in Mind, runs down the new music news and picks you one of her favorites in the Viv’s Picks segment.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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