Peak Time

Makaya McCraven

120 minsFirst aired 29 Nov 2018
Courtesy of Makaya McCraven

The jazz drummer, hip-hop producer and rhythmic innovator on bringing his Universal Beings sessions live to Chicago and New York for RMBF.

Makaya McCraven is a jazz drummer and beat scientist who is interested in the shadowy corners and warm pockets of jazz; though traditionally trained, he makes “socially challenging” work that digests the more avant-garde corners of the style for audiences who might be more hip to jazz and R&B. On the show today, Makaya sits down with Chairman Jeff Mao to discuss his unique process, his new Universal Beings album and the wealth of collaborators that will join him on stage in Chicago and New York when he presents Universal Beings live as part of the Red Bull Music Festival in Chicago (followed by New York City). Also on today’s show: Vivian plays music from the Windy City hip-hop label Closed Sessions – home to Jamila Woods and Kweku Collins – and gets in-depth with today’s music news.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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