Peak Time

Jessica Hopper

120 minsFirst aired 8 Nov 2018
David Sampson

Ernest Wilkins speaks to the author and music critic about her formative years in Chicago, as chronicled in her new book, Night Moves.

As we continue to honor Chicago, in light of this month’s Red Bull Music Festival, today’s episode features a conversation between Peak Time correspondent Ernest Wilkins and writer, critic and DJ Jessica Hopper. Born in Minnesota, Hopper moved to the Windy City in the early aughts to embark on her music journalism career and is now considered one of its leading rock critics. This fall she released her third book, Night Moves, in which she details her journey as young writer discovering her voice and finding a home in a city rich with musical history. She speaks with Wilkins about what she defines as the music of Chicago then and now, her dream magazine lineup and why this book is not her own Just Kids.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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