Peak Time

Revisiting Oceanclub with Thomas Fehlmann

120 minsFirst aired 1 Oct 2018Next Peak Time Tomorrow at 12:00pm EDT
Max Zerrahn

Live from RBMA Berlin! The sonic adventurer revisits his Oceanclub radio show (with Gudrun Gut) and unpacks his new album, Los Lagos.

In 1995, Thomas Fehlmann became a resident of Gudrun Gut’s seminal Oceanclub at legendary Berlin techno nightspot Tresor. An antidote to the tyranny of the 4/4 kickdrum, this cozy and playful Sunday session brought together a free-flowing group of friends and electronic music explorers into a “public living room” of sorts, experimenting with ambient, lo-fi electronics, krautrock and beyond. Oceanclub eventually became a long-running radio show on Berlin’s radioeins and took Gut and Fehlmann around the globe. On today’s Peak Time, Fehlmann – a veteran of the German underground since the late ’70s, and member of groups like Palais Schaumberg and the Orb, revisits the music and vibes of Oceanclub, plus walks us through his new Kompakt release, his seventh solo album since 1991.


Engineered by Joe Hazan
Produced by Sara Casella

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