Peak Time

Emma Ruth Rundle and Pictureplane

120 minsFirst aired 31 Oct 2018Next Peak Time Tomorrow at 12:00pm EDT
Amélie Jouchoux / Aurora Junior

Happy Halloween! A doom folk singer and a cyberpunk producer confront demons, overcome pain and get spooky.

In honor of All Hallow’s Eve, today’s show is shrouded in a gloomy gauze of murky synths, macabre beats and brooding guitars. Fear not though, there is light at the end of the tunnel. In the first hour of the show, Peak Time correspondent Harley Brown converses with singer, songwriter and visual artist Emma Ruth Rundle, who recently released her fourth studio album, On Dark Horses. Despite living in sunny LA, Rundle’s music resides in shadowy corners full of forlorn guitar riffs and ghostly vocals, shrouded in an ice-cold blanket of synths and layered with deeply introspective lyrics about mortality and life’s struggles. On Dark Horses continues this morose voyage, but on this record Rundle peels back the heaviest layers to let the light in. Later in the show, Vivian sits down with cyberpunk producer Travis Egedy, AKA Pictureplane, whose recent album, Degenerate, was recorded after a string of traumatic losses. We talk ghosts, aliens, darkness and catharsis – you know, seasonal stuff.


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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