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Robert Henke and 20 Years of RBMA with Many Ameri and Torsten Schmidt

120 minsFirst aired 10 Sep 2018Next Peak Time Today at 12:00pm EST
Dan Wiltonklein / Franck Ferville

Live from RBMA Berlin: Monolake on his computer-generated light/sound show From Within, and a conversation with the Academy founders.

We’re live from Berlin, Germany, for the 20th anniversary edition of the Red Bull Music Academy, broadcasting from the legendary Funkhaus through October 12. At the top of the show, German composer, sound designer and Ableton Live co-developer Robert “Monolake” Henke joins us to discuss From Within, an electronic composition for light and sound that he’s put together with Serbian composer Marko Nikodijevic and Ensemble intercontemporain. It will premiere September 13 as part of the Red Bull Music Festival Berlin. In hour two, we properly kick off the next five weeks of Academy programming with RBMA cofounders Many Ameri and Torsten Schmidt. They come bearing two decades worth of tales, highlighting some the the most noteworthy performances and lectures from a lineup of the most influential and impactful musical visionaries of our time.

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