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The Last Poets and DOT

120 minsFirst aired 5 Sep 2018Next Peak Time Today at 12:00pm EST
Hollis King / Courtesy of artist

The legendary soul artist on the group’s 20-year hiatus, and an LA producer with a penchant for ’60s dream beats.

Kate Ellwanger’s career is the stuff young music nerds dream of: She interned for Daddy Kev and partied at Low End Theory, runs her own label Unspeakable Records, records and produces as a solo artist and is a member of artist collective Team Supreme. The Tacoma-born, LA-based Ellwanger, AKA DOT, calls into the studio to discuss her latest single “So Far Away,” a whimsical pop tune that takes you to the hazy summers of yesteryear. Written, recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by Ellwanger, the track is exactly what people have to come to expect from this rising west coast multi-hyphenate. In the second half of the show, guest host Harley Brown welcomes soul artist and poet Abiodun Oyewole of the legendary collective the Last Poets. Born out of the civil rights movement’s black nationalism, Oyewole was a founding member of the revolutionary group, and has witnessed its many iterations and successes. This past May, on the fiftieth anniversary of the band’s inception, the group released Understand What Black Is, its first album in 20 years. In describing the title track, Oyewole said, “There’s only one race on the planet, and it’s the human race. Some of us just have different complexions. We better understand what that’s about.”


Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Produced by Sara Casella

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