Lucrecia Dalt presents Pli


60 minsFirst aired 24 Dec 2018
Artwork by Aina Climent

Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye: Lucrecia leaves us so lonely, we could cry. Farewell, Pli.

“This is the last show of Pli. So bear with me, it’s gonna be a little be nostalgic. But how could it not be? It’s the end of the show, and the end of a very, very wild, highly emotional year. So I would like to dedicate this show to the listeners. I’m very thankful for your engagement and enthusiasm. You are the reason why I do this. This one is also dedicated to my friends who made this year feel so wonderful: To Adrian, Regina, Johannes, Dan, Mo, Brimmers, Cata, Lau, Martica, Oliver, Charlo, Radwan, Gary, Aina, Camille, Matias, Cisco, Hanna, Jan, Tats. This one’s for you.” – Lucrecia Dalt


Hosted, mixed and engineered by Lucrecia Dalt
Additional engineering by Franck Haderer
Produced by Julian Brimmers

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