Lucrecia Dalt presents Pli

Rooms, Buildings, Cities

60 minsFirst aired 26 Feb 2018Next Lucrecia Dalt presents Pli Mon 10/29 at 6:00pm EDT
Aina Climent

More songs about rooms and architecture: Lucrecia takes a closer look at the relationship between sound, space, and (super)structures.

“This is Lucrecia Dalt. I’m here in a room with high ceilings, putting together this mix for you about architecture and everything that lies within. Expect themes about temples, towers, gardens, rooms, cities, houses, igloos, flats, corridors, gates, palaces, ascenseurs, suites, asbestos, dorms, pavilions, structures, whatnot.” - Lucrecia Dalt


Hosted, mixed and engineered by Lucrecia Dalt
Produced by Julian Brimmers

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